Don’t replace 100% of your carpet just because 1% is damaged!

before & after Herts carpet repairs

Every month I save my customers hundreds of pounds in unnecessary carpet replacement.

  • Most carpet repairs in Herts are small jobs.

Therefore to save me travelling time and you expense, I usually fit carpet repairs like these in around other jobs when I am working in your part of Hertfordshire:

  • Carpet burns, (irons, cigarettes, hair dryers) patching holes, tears, rips, stains & moth attacks.
  • Pet damage caused by cats & dogs scratching or digging at carpets.
  • Split seams. Carpets fraying & pulling away from door bars.
  • Dealing with carpet ‘Bubbles‘ (see below).

Photos of these and lots more repairs and alterations can be viewed in the gallery section.


Most of these will be iron burns, pet damage or doorways fraying that need to be fixed before the inventory check.

If you are coming towards the end of your tenancy in Hertfordshire and are worried about the hit to your deposit because of carpet damage then call me, I do lots of these and can easily help.


  • Worn, loose or damaged stair carpets often don’t need to be completely replaced just because there is a problem with one or two steps.
  • There is a lot I can do, particularly if you have any small leftover offcuts or if I can ‘steal’ a spare piece from inside a cupboard or under a bed.
  • Worn steps can be cut out and replaced individually one at a time, or if you have enough spare then the whole flight can be replaced.


These need to be taken up, stretched and tightened. I have a separate carpet stretching page and accompanying photo gallery dedicated solely to dealing with this issue.

So, instead of a costly carpet replacement, call me now for a professional & cost-effective carpet repair.

Michel Roberts.

Herts Carpet Fitter