Wrinkled, baggy, buckled, bumpy, creased & slack are all words that my customers in Hertfordshire often use when trying to describe to me over the phone how their carpets look.

before & after Herts carpet stretching

  • Actually the correct term used in the carpet fitting trade is ‘Fullness‘.

Fullness is not only unsightly, it can be a tripping hazard too. The solution is to first loosen carpets off and then stretch them flat. This is followed by trimming off the excess carpet around the edges before re-laying carpets back smooth, tight and safe.

There are three main causes of fullness:

  • Carpets are not made as well as they used to be. Modern synthetic carpet backings stretch much more than traditional jute backings.
  • Thick, soft, foam underlays make matters worse because your foot sinks into it with every step, stretching the backing over time.
  • Carpet fitters rush the job. They routinely use just a carpet knee kicker for stretching because it is quicker and easier than using a power stretcher.


  • A power stretcher is needed to properly stretch carpets in larger areas or tighten loose carpets.
  • It is an expensive piece of equipment.
  • It is heavy to use, has to be assembled in the room and slows the job down a lot.
  • That is why in the U.K fitters hardly ever use them.

In America their use is considered normal for professional carpet installation.

If you take a look at my carpet stretching gallery you will see examples of the three types of power stretchers that I use most often in action.

These are the black/silver pole stretcher, the red triforce stretcher and the silver/grey seam stretcher. I do have others, personal imports from the U.S, but these three are the main ones.


As time goes by the damage is being done to the carpet backing underneath, not to the carpet pile you can see on the surface.

  • The longer you leave it the more likely the backing will split suddenly and the carpet will have to be replaced.


In an ideal world of course it would be great if a room that needs stretching can be completely empty of furniture.

In reality I don’t expect that. I am quite used to stretching rooms one half at a time and then moving the furniture across and doing the other half of the room.

Where ever you live in Herts, if your carpets need tightening up to leave them looking smooth, flat & safe, then please give me a call.

Michel Roberts.

Herts Carpet Fitter