Are you are looking for a Hertfordshire based freelance carpet fitter to help you with small carpet fitting, carpet repairs, carpet alterations or any other small carpet ‘odd jobs’?

  • If so and you live within approx 40 minutes driving time of St. Albans then you have come to the right place.


I really do mean it. No Job too small. I am now in my mid sixties and after a lifetime spent in the carpet trade, I am not interested at all in larger carpet fitting jobs.

I now specialise in the small domestic work in Hertfordshire that most other fitters can’t be bothered with. It suits me very well now. No heavy rolls of carpet to carry.

To keep travelling time and therefore costs to a minimum, I group small jobs in different areas together to be done on the same day. North Herts jobs one day, Three Rivers jobs another day for example.


My turnover is below the V.A.T. registration threshold and so l quite legally do not add V.A.T to your bill.


  • I am happy to fit new carpets you may have purchased yourself from the Internet wherever you live in Herts.
  • I am also very happy to work with used carpets which may have been down for sometime and might require some professional attention to extend their life.

Please check out my carpet fitting page for more information.


I do lots of carpet alterations. Here are just a couple of examples.

  • Re-fitting of carpets that have been taken up and folded back to install new fitted bedroom furniture.
  • Re-laying of carpets that have been taken up by builders, plumbers, electricians or others and then not been re-laid properly.


Most carpet repairs are small jobs.

I must have completed thousands of carpet repair jobs over the years. Two to three carpet repairs per week over 45 years will surely come to that by now.

Carpet burns, pet damage, patches, carpets pulling away from doorways, replacing worn/damaged stair treads and many others throughout Hertfordshire. See my carpet repair page or repair gallery for more details.


Have you got loose, baggy or wrinkled carpets. It looks horrible and quickly damages the carpet often bringing the need for replacement forward, sometimes by years!

It can be taken up and stretched, the excess trimmed off and then re-laid. Leaving it smooth, tight and flat.

A detailed explanation of the causes and solutions as well as photos of this very common problem can be found in the carpet stretching page and gallery.

Feel free to call me with your requirements, I am always happy to help.

Michel Roberts.

Herts Carpet Fitter